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Summer Alexis wearing Moda Star BikiniModa Star Models and Bikini Show

Version:  Rev 1a

SKU:  IMP-1001


Moda Star Models and Bikini Show is offering access to one of the most exclusive bikini model expositions in the world.  With professional photographers from Scandinavia (including PATRIK BOOK from Stockholm, Sweden) Las Vegas, Miami, Portland, Hollywood and more, get a taste for some of the hottest and most sexy models in the industry, as well as learn about them and gain access the personal profiles.

The application itself allows the user to select a category and browse through loads of pictures of bikini and lingerie models from all over the world.  Then you can save the images to your iphone for use later.  There is also a button for more info which will allow the user to read a bit about the model or the bikini she is wearing.  From the detail page, you can even click on a link to take you to the model's profile site on the website or even to the store to buy the suit.

The system is updated weekly with new images and models.  If you are a model, you can even join and get your pictures in the mix.

All images are used by permission, are shot by the Moda Star photographers or are members of the Moda Star Models social network.  


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